I’ve dedicated this page to the game system Empires, a derivative of the rule-set found in the board game Civilization. I last updated this page 2024-05-17.

Civilization was designed by Francis Tresham and first published by game company Hartland Trefoil in 1980. The Empires rules were written by John Rodriguez, Flo de Haan and Gerart de Haan and they were first published 2015 in the game Mega Civilization, by game company 999 games, a game with then split into the two parts: Western Empires, published in 2019, and Eastern Empires, published in 2021. This site also acknowledges the development made by game company Avalon Hill in it’s seminal game Advanced Civilization, published in 1991, as well as work made by many avid fans of these game systems during all these years.

Mega Empires will return in 2024.

The material on this site is fan made and non-profit, only intended for DIY purposes. No copyright infringement is intended.

Scandinavian Empires

Morten Svane is designing a new Empires map based on early Scandinavia. He has graciously asked me to host his map-in-progress and I’ve taken the opportunity to give some solicited feedback – let’s call it a danish-swedish cooperation!

Scandinavian Empires map (v1)

Scandinavian Empires A.S.T. (v1)

Morten is looking for feedback. Either contact him directly on BoardGameGeek or send it to me (using the the About/Contact page).

In the Eastern Himalayas, the mountain range opens up into a maze of tundras and glaciers. In these barren lands, can you build a civilization and start an empire?

This is “The Big One”, the entire 27-player map covering all of Mega Civilization (that is, both Western Empires and Eastern Empires), as well as a composite of the different East Asian maps online. Also included for the first time is my own Silk Road map extension.


The Eurasian map is available both as one giant map (for those with the necessary recourses to print such a thing) and as three PA0 (A0/ANSI E) size connected maps:

A.S.T:s are also available. You’ll need the last file for all A.S.T:s but the first:

Archive: New World Empires

The land bridge between north and south; as well as the cradle of civilization in the western hemisphere.

This map is my take on Martin DeOlden’s Civilization: The New World. I’ve re-balanced the map for Mega Civilization and incorporated feedback from playtesters at Nathan Barhorst’s civ.rol-play.com. Credit for naming all areas goes to Dan Towse, Robby Ragas and the user aethelstan from civ.rol-play.com. If you prefer to play with Martin DeOlden’s original map and rules, be sure to give him some much appreciated feedback on BoardGameGeek.

Scenario booklet:

CMR Scenario booklet 2019-02-17


CMR New World 2019-01-29


CMR New World AST 2019-02-05

Framework – time and space

The Map Repository use an exponential time scale which is a compromise between Tresham’s original Civilization time scale (with a large focus on the Iron Age) and the original Mega Civilization time scale (with an equally large focus on the Bronze Age).

  • New World – Scale A (1:8.000.000)
  • Eurasia – Scale B (1:6.350.000)
  • Hellas inset – Scale C (1:3.560.000)

Scandinavian Empires use the Mercator projection. All other maps use the Plate Carrée projection.


Dedicated to the memory of Francis Tresham, Master Game Designer.

A big thanks goes to John Rodriguez who once got me started into this madness, and also to Nathan Barhorst who got me to continue. Thanks also to Flo de Haan and Gerart de Haan, whos relentless efforts to evolve, refine and innovate keeps the Civilization/Empires system alive. Finally, many thanks to Morten Svane, Bernie Roessler and Thomas Phinney for valuable contributions.

Many regards to the (now defunct) Expansion Project and (alive) civ.rol-play.com communities and anyone I might have forgotten. If you’d like to play Civilization online, be sure to go to Nathan’s civ.rol-play.com.