This site is a work of love. I’m not making any money of it. No copyright infringement is intended.

My name is Martin Brodén Rother-Schirren. I’ve worked a year as an educational LARP designer and I’ve been doing some occasional game and graphics design free-lancing, but mostly I’m just an avid amateur, having had the fortune to be part of different game projects and communities. My main interests are game mastering free-form RPG:s and LARP:s, playing thematical board games and thinking about design in general.

I see my current role in life as a rogue game developer (as opposed to just another fledgling game designer). I’m not one to build an idea from scratch and push it to fruition; others are more equipped for that kind of heroics. Rather, I’m driven by a curiosity about the possibility to tweak an exisiting design to do what you want it to do (rather then what the designer wants).

Through this website, Unvisited Island, I want to reach out with my thoughts and designs to fellow gamers. I’d like to share this to as many people as possible. This means I’d also like to come in contact with you. I’d love to hear from you, any comments or feedback – good or bad – is appreciated. Or if you’d just like to get in touch with me.