Welcome to the Unvisited Island!

So, you’ve found your way to the Unvisited Island. Congratulations! Most won’t find their way out here. Are you looking for treasures, adventures, dark horrors or are you just exploring?

In the rich sea of analogue games – or if it’s a wild and untamed river – there’s an island, not in any way hidden from the eyes of humanity; you’ve seen it a hundred times, you’ve often passed it. But have you ever sat foot on it’s shores? Do you – really – know what’s behind those trees?

I’ve dedicated this site, Unvisited Island, to my explorations in game development (and the occasional game design). This island is still uncultivated – my plan is to fill these pages with game enhancing rules and graphics to my favourite games.

Image by Lily Lvnatikk, cropped by me.

Unvisited Island

Unvisited Island is my place on the Internet where I place stuff I design. I started this site shortly after my first son was born, in december 2016. Since my second son was born, in january 2020, work on the site has slowed to a halt, but I hope to pick up the pace sometime this decade.

My primary interest is board games, but I’m also interested in black box larping, free-form role-playing and different aspects of graphic design.